2017 NC Doctor of the Year Finalists

Alan G. Forshey, M.D.

Alan G. Forshey, M.D.

A long-serving Family Physician with a heart for his private practice – and his loyal patients

Dr. Alan Forshey has been a family physician at his Newton Family Physicians private practice since 1982. He is a member of the Catawba Valley Medical Center Board of Directors. He received his M.D. at Ohio State University and completed his residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, OH.

Why Dr. Forshey was nominated:

  • Dr. Forshey has built a private physician-owned practice that continues to be successful after 34 years, in a day where that is rare. He always willing to see loyal patients when they stop by the practice without an appointment.
  • He lives to serve patients and anyone needing a helping hand. He is kind and compassionate with a humble, “tell it like it is” type of personality.
  • He is a former Department Chair of Family Medicine, former Chief of Staff of Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC), former Board member of the local Physician-Hospital Organization, and currently serves on the CVMC Board of Directors.
  • He has served as the Medical Director of the Hickory Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE).
  • Dr. Forshey has served as an elected member of the local school board and formerly served as a team doctor for high school athletics. He has been actively involved in the local wrestling club.
I just love Dr. Forshey. He’s one of those people who is truly interested in me as an individual and he asks about my life and I can always tell that he truly cares. He is always so helpful as a partner when I need another set of eyes and ears for a particular patient – his wisdom and experience has been invaluable to me. I’ve learned a lot about how to be a great physician from Dr. Forshey. He is genuine and thoughtful. And, he has an amazing memory, especially for numbers. It’s been encouraging to see how he has responded to all of the changes in medicine.”

– Nominator
Alan G. Forshey, M.D.

In Dr. Forshey’s own words:

What does being a doctor mean to you?

Being a doctor has been an interesting journey. Like most physicians, I started out with idealistic motivations, wanting to do what I can to help other people. It’s about helping patients manage health problems through difficult times. These days my work involves dealing with many insurance and healthcare coverage conundrums – and being an advocate to my patients is important to me. I have been in family practice for 35 years, and I feel blessed by the outstanding staff and partners that I work with.”

Can you tell us about your community involvement or volunteer work?

In years past I have served as team physician for football and other athletics programs at Bandys High School and Newton-Conover High School, being on the sidelines at games and helping students with training and conditioning. My wife and I do occasional volunteer service at a local soup kitchen, The Corner Table.”

How would you use the award money?

I would be interested in setting up a scholarship fund. I want to assist medical students and nurse practitioners in paying for their education. I believe medicine will always be a noble profession, and I want to do my part to support the next generation.”


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