2017 NC Doctor of the Year Finalists

Christine Petzing, M.D.

Christine Petzing, M.D.

A Hospitalist who focuses on substance abuse prevention and serving patients in hospice

Dr. Christine Petzing serves as the hospitalist in the Department of Medicine at The Outer Banks Hospital, Nags Head, where she also serves on the Board of Directors. She attended Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She completed her residency in medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, where she served as chief resident from 2001 to 2002. She is board certified in family medicine and hospice/palliative care.

Why Dr. Petzing was nominated:

  • Dr. Petzing is a community leader physician with the Saving Lives Task Force (formerly known as the Dare County Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Task Force) and is a board member of the Coalition Against Substance Abuse (CASA) program.
  • She is director for Dare County Hospice and leads the palliative care services.
  • She started a symptom management clinic in 2014 to serve the complex needs of the local population of cancer patients.
  • Dr. Petzing has changed the local landscape of cancer services. She was instrumental in implementing a cancer prevention program with HPV in local schools, as well as a screening program for lung cancer.
  • She was recognized as the Physician of the Year by the North Carolina Association for Home & Hospice Care in 2014. Recently she was awarded Citizen of the Year at a community level for the countless gifts she adds to the local rural community.
She sees patients in their homes, meets them in other clinics, and does whatever is needed to lovingly care for her patients as she would wish to be cared for by a compassionate dedicated physician. She embodies to me the perfect blend of compassion, care, kindness, generosity and Christian beliefs – for she truly treats others as she would choose to be treated. Her quality achievements are endless… her professionalism is out of the park.”

– Nominator
Christine Petzing, M.D.

In Dr. Petzing’s own words:

What does being a doctor mean to you?

It’s an incredible position of service. It’s very humbling to have such a meaningful opportunity to serve the community. I actually came to medicine later in life. I went back to college after starting a family, and I had experiences that made me see my potential as a doctor. So I have somewhat different previous life experience compared to other physicians. I’m dedicated to caring for the sick and helping patients with end-of-life journeys through hospice and palliative medicine.”

Can you tell us about your community involvement or volunteer work?

I am the chair of the Dare County Provider Council on Prescription Drug Abuse, an organization that I helped start in 2012, sponsored by the Outer Banks Hospital. I serve as a board member of the local Coalition Against Substance Abuse (CASA), and I work with the Saving Lives Task Force. I am also involved in Dare County’s hospice and palliative care services. I find many opportunities to educate and provide advice to patients and their families through difficult care decisions.”

How would you use the award money?

I would divide the money three ways: donations to the Saving Lives Task Force, to the Dare County Hospice, and to support cancer care in the local community.”


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