2017 NC Doctor of the Year Finalists

Jennifer Orr, M.D.

Jennifer Orr, M.D.

A beloved OB-GYN who is dedicated to improving women’s health

Dr. Jennifer Orr was one of the first female OB-GYNs in Nash County, where she practiced from 1997-2010. She relocated to Morehead City in 2010 and opened GirlTalk & Gynecology. She completed her residency at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. As a summa cum laude graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, she gained early acceptance to the School of Medicine on VCU’s Medical College of Virginia Campus as a part of the University Honors Program.

Why Dr. Orr was nominated:

  • Dr. Orr’s goal is and has been to offer women of all ages the quality and care they deserve in a relaxed, positive, nurturing environment.
  • She is compassionate beyond measure, willing to go above and beyond the call in providing her patients with the type of care that women, in particular, need at various stages in their lives.
  • The impression that Dr. Orr makes is significant, in that her patients come from all across North Carolina and beyond to see her – they come from South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Japan, to name a few.
  • Dr. Orr is passionate about breast cancer awareness and has sponsored fundraisers for benevolent financial assistance for patients undergoing breast cancer treatments.
  • She has a strong involvement in her community as an active sponsor for the Carteret County Business Woman of the Year Banquet.
  • She is an active supporter of youth sports programs at Croatan High School. She provides educational training to female athletes regarding women’s health issues.
When I first started working for Dr. Orr, I was amazed at the quality of care she provides and demands of all her providers. I have worked at quite a few health care facilities in my career and she is by far the best of the best! On more than one occasion, I have heard her say ‘It is a privilege to take care of women.’ She honors her commitment to her patients and her staff, treating everyone with the respect they deserve.”

– Nominator
Jennifer Orr, M.D.

In Dr. Orr’s own words:

What does being a doctor mean to you?

It’s a privilege, really, to be invited into someone’s life and have the opportunity to impact their life in a positive way. Over the years, I have learned that I take better care of patients when I also care about them as people. One thing that many people don’t understand: it’s not just about the practice of medicine, it’s also the art of medicine. Whenever I see a new patient for the first time, I’m always aware that she knows little about me and she has chosen to place her trust in a stranger. It’s my duty to get to know her and build a rapport. I want to be able to read my patient’s feelings and know when something is wrong without it being said. This has made it possible for me to help women in abusive relationships and difficult situations. When I moved my practice from Rocky Mount to Morehead City, many patients decided to make the long drive to keep seeing me. Some patients have even stuck with me after they have moved to other states and even overseas – I am honored to work them in for appointments whenever they come back here for a visit.”

Can you tell us about your community involvement or volunteer work?

When we first moved to Morehead City, I wanted to get involved in our local schools because of our two sons, Caleb and Jackson, and the importance of a good education for all young people. GirlTalk & Gynecology sponsors Teacher Appreciation at Croatan High School and the Future Teachers of America. We have worked to sponsor community lacrosse programs and helped to raise the profile of the sport in high schools here. I have participated in numerous speaking engagements and helped to promote a Business Woman of the Year program. I also support On Eagles Wings Ministries, a faith based, trauma-aware, therapy centered program that provides support, therapy, housing, and a foundation for young girls and women who have escaped the clutches of human trafficking. ”

How would you use the award money?

There are two things that I would choose to use the money for. The Broad Street Clinic in Morehead City, which provides access to medical care for the indigent and the uninsured population in our community. I would also want to donate to On Eagles Wings Ministries to help further their important work.”


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