Maureen Murphy, M.D.

February 18, 2015

A specialist in Family Medicine – and in helping educate the next generation of physicians

Dr. Maureen Murphy is Family Physician and Residency Faculty at Cabarrus Family Medicine in Concord, NC. She received her M.D. from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, KS. Dr. Murphy completed her residency in Family Medicine at Duke University’s Family Medicine program in Durham, NC.

Why Dr. Murphy was nominated:

  • She is the personification of a wonderful physician and healer – serving her community, mentoring and teaching future physicians, and acting as a leading voice in healthcare policy within the state.
  • She has been a preceptor/mentor to hundreds of medical students and an esteemed teacher of Family Medicine residents.
  • Dr. Murphy is a beloved community physician: highly respected, clinically adept and a dependable source of care for thousands.
  • Her lifelong pursuit as an educator and as a tireless physician advocate has helped improve her communities and advanced the quality of life for many patients.

I am a fourth year medical student following Dr. Murphy’s path into Family Medicine. I would not have been able to persevere through the challenges of medical school without Dr. Murphy’s strength and mentorship. She truly embodies the service, care and skill that all family physicians aspire to and has strengthened my resolve to pursue it as my career.”

– Nominator

Maureen Murphy, M.D.” />

In Dr. Murphy’s own words:

What does being a doctor mean to you?

I believe being a doctor is about being a teacher and helping people try to be their best. I didn’t set out to be a doctor – my career began in communications and PR. Working in PR for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, I constantly wrote about what it meant to be a family physician. I came to believe in it and decided to pursue it myself.”

Can you tell us about your community involvement or volunteer work?

I’ve practiced Family Medicine in a number of small rural communities, where doctors are especially important as members of the community. I’m also committed to helping educate the next generation of physicians. As long as I’ve been a doctor, I feel like I’ve always had a medical student by my side! I support the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians (NCAFP) Student Buddy program and Medical Student Endowment Fund.”

How would you use the award money?

I would donate the money to the NCAFP Medical Student Endowment Fund, in support of students whose goal is to become family doctors and primary care doctors. I want to show students how they can make a difference.”


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